Preamble of Steroids Types and Presence of Androgenic Anabolic Steroids (AAS) in Humans and Animals

Naseem Zahra*, Sabahat Mahnoor, Abdul Ahad, Rida Ishfaq

  • Naseem Zahra
Keywords: Steroids, androgenic anabolic steroids (AAS, corticosteroids, meat and milk


ABSTRACT: Steroids are the hormones; the main source of which are Adrenal glands and Gonads. Human body produced them naturally in a balanced quantity.
They have mainly two types i.e. corticosteroids and anabolic-androgenic steroids (or in short form “anabolic”). Now-a-days these are artificially synthesized as drugs which are given to humans and animals. Anabolic steroids are naturally produced in body 4.0–9.0 mg per day. They are also used artificially to treat testosterone level in human body while athletes are using them to build their muscles. Athletes misuse this drug 10 to 1000 times more than the medical purpose. These drugs (Oestradiol benzoate,Progesterone, Testosterone propionate, Zeranol, Trenbolone acetate, and Melengestrol acetate) are given to animals 0.25 to 0.5 mg on daily routine for increasing their body mass or meat production which is causing serious health problems in meat consumers. Glucocorticoids and sex hormones found in animal milk naturally. While their recombinant hormone rBGH is using to increase milk production in animals has become a part of serious health concern in public. This review entails the brief description on steroids history, types, use by humans and animals and also the harmful effects on human health.