Working Environment Enhanced Mental Stress in the Nurses

Tehseena Akram, Abida Asghar Rana, Ummara Rasheed*, Noreen Fatima, Khadija Summia

  • Ummara Rasheed
Keywords: Burnout,, Poor performance, Mental stress, Variables,, Environment


ABSTRACT: Inefficient job performance is associated with various environmental factors. These factors are also reason to low satisfaction levels which leads to poor performance in the workers. The working environment factors can be a reason for the anxiety in employees and poor performance in the workers. A cross-sectional study was conducted and 200 nurses were selected from Services Hospital Lahore. Demographic characteristics and different working variables such as environmental hazards, workplace layout, infection control measures, and proper availability of resources were considered. Pearson correlation and regression were carried out for the environmental factors and job performance and a strong positive relationship with the p-value <.001 was recorded. This study revealed that the better environmental conditions plays an important role in job performance and lessens the mental stress. It is suggested that performance may be improved by addressing safety, infection control measures, and by providing appropriate resources.