Dietary Phenolic Compounds in Plants as Antioxidants

Syeda Mona Hassan*, Naima Farhat, Asad Rauf, Talha Sajid

  • Syeda Mona Hassan
Keywords: Antioxidants, Phenolics, plants,, diseases,, vegetables


ABSTRACT: The antioxidant phenolic compounds that are found in plants are an essential part of human food. These compounds include a benzene ring having one or more hydroxyl groups and ascend from modest phenolic compounds to greatly link with long chained compounds. The oxidation inhibiting action of these compounds is based on the quantity and locus of hydroxyl groups. The main sources of phenolic compounds are fruits vegetable and beverages in human diet and the by product from food and agriculture have considerable amounts of phenolic which may be the main bases of antioxidants. These compounds are useful in treatment of many diseases including cancer, cardiovascular, microbial, viral and inflammatory diseases