Incidence of Psychiatric Disorders in Children affected with Intellectual Disability

Shagufta Naz*, Wajeeha Salamat, Mehreen Aslam, Saima Sharif, Shama Sadaf

  • Shagufta Naz
Keywords: Intellectual Disability, Malnutrition, hypothyroidism, Radiation and Physical Disabilities


Intellectual disability is caused by environmental influences, genetic disorders and infections including perinatal, postnatal and neonatal infections.
Physical disabilities are also associated with intellectual disability (ID) children.Identification of ID patients occurred by test of intellectual disfunctioning. A cross
sectional and analytical study was performed from September 2019 to March 2020on intellectually disabled children on the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) children school Lahore, Fountain house in Sargodha and Shadab institute of special education, Punjab, Pakistan. The level of intellectual disability was based on the intelligence quotient (IQ). In present study, out of 200 children, 80 children were suffered from this disease, 56 were males and 24 were females. Cases related to intellectual disability were identified with in different age groups such as age group 0-5 (N = 13), 6-10 (N = 27), 11-15 (N = 27), 16-20 (N = 10), 21-25 (N = 3) and 26-30 (N = 3). A total of 33.75% were belong to 6-10 years of age group. Out of 80 children 27.50% (N = 22) were affected due to malnutrition in pregnancy, 16.25% (N = 13) children had folic acid deficiency, 15% (N = 12) children were due to exposure to the chemicals or radiations in pregnancy, 21.25% (N = 17) children had hypothyroidism and 16% (N = 20) children had other gene disorder associated with intellectual disability. Proper recognition of disorder can play an important role in dealing with psychiatrists patients.