Zika virus –An Overview

Samrah Tahir Khan* and Fouzia Qamar

  • Samrah Tahir Khan
  • fouzia Qamar Department of Biology, Lahore Garrison University, Lahore, Pakistan
Keywords: Zika virus, Aedes,, Prevalence in Pakistan


ABSTRACT: Zika virus a Flavivirus transmitted through the bite of a mosquito, has been considered as a neglected tropical disease for decades, until now. Due to its multiple outbreaks in the various regions of the world it has attained a significantly prominent position. The disease can be transmitted by various means, predominantly the common vector “Aedes aegypti” contributes to its high geographical distribution. The virus is important as it is responsible to cause permanent damage to infants and fetuses. e.g., microcephaly, cranial calcification and multiple neurotic abnormalities. The review comprehensively covers the
epidemiology, distribution, transmission of the virus along with the measures that can be adopted to prevent its further dissemination.