Risk Factors Associated With Hepatitis C

Sabahat Maqsood Choudhary and Fehmeeda Naz*

  • Fehmeeda Naz
  • Sabahat Maqsood C houdhary Department of Mathematics, Lahore Garrison University, Lahore, Pakistan
Keywords: Risk factors, Hepatitis C,, Prevalence.


ABSTRACT: In Pakistan hundreds of thousand people are suffering with Hepatitis C virus (HCV) that is a potential reason of substantial mortality. A hospital based cross-sectional study was carried out at two public sector hospitals of Lahore (i.e., Fatima Jinnah and Services Hospital) during 31st May, 2016 to 8th
August, 2016 that included 102 patients who underwent the treatment for hepatitis C infection. The basic aim of study was to identify the significant associated risk factors of HCV disease and to determine the predictive strength of the risk factors. A questionnaire was administered to get the information on socio-demographic variables age, gender, residential area, marital status and risk factors (shared razors, tooth brush, scissors), past blood transfusion, donation of blood, use of drugs etc. Some complications were observed as diarrhea (stomach disorder), blood vomiting, bleeding gums and weight loss. The highest Prevalence rate (43.1%, 44/102) was observed among patients of age (50-59) years.