New Suid remains of genus Listriodon from the Siwaliks of Pakistan

Amir Nadeem

  • Amir Nadeem Department of Zoology, Government Islamia Graduate College, Civil Lines, Lahore-Pakistan
Keywords: Artiodactyla, Listriodon pentapotamiae, Miocene, Siwalik hills, Suidae


New dental remains of the genus Listriodon (Mammalia, Suidae) have been found and described from the Lower to Middle Miocene Siwalik beds located around Hasnot, district Jhelum, Punjab, Pakistan. The present material consists of an isolated upper second premolar and a second molar of the upper left side. The presence of an advanced listriodont in Pakistan at an early stage provides valuable insights into the timing of the development of specific characteristics associated with lophodonty in Listriodontinae. Furthermore, it prompts significant inquiries into the early evolution of Listriodontinae in the Old World. The presence of significant physical resemblance between Listriodon guptai and Listriodon akatikubas, an African species discovered in the late early Miocene era, indicates a high likelihood that the latter species migrated from Asia. The provided specimens offer novel insights and supplementary details regarding the dental characteristics of Listriodon pentapotamiae, a species found in the Lower to Middle Siwaliks of Pakistan.