Morpho Anatomical Analysis of Some Selected Flora of District Sheikhupura, Punjab, Pakistan

  • Shahid Raza
Keywords: Morpho-anatomical, analysis, families, stomatal index, abaxial, adaxial


Existing investigation was conducted to find out the effects of abiotic environmental conditions on Morphology and anatomical features of some selected flora of Sheikhupura Dis. Total 30 specimengathered that comprised of 45% herbs, 25% shrubberies and 35% trees. Morpho anatomical investigations uncovered that plants were Fresh and developing admirably in abiotic environmental conditions of Dis.Sheikhupura. No. of stomata were noted at outrageous best in abaxialleaf side while quantities of epidermis cell were more in adaxial leaf sides. Various Shapes of epidermal cells, and stomata were recorded in different varieties. As per anatomical parameters, in both abaxial and adaxial sides, Coriandrumsativum demonstrated most elevated stomatanumber while Bougainvillea glabra displayed least in number. Out of these 16 plant families, Amaranthaceae, Fabacaeae, Brassicaceae, Moraceae, Astraceae, and Rutaceae were dynamic with 3 species. Following investigation uncovered that vegetation of District Sheikhupura is composed by its condition, soil, wind, precipitation proportion, atmosphere and water.

Author Biography

Shahid Raza

Department of ORIC/ Basic sciences, Lahore Garrison University, DHA Lahore Pakistan.