Bacterial Mediated Bio-degradation of Chromium Cr(VI) and Relative Effects of Varying Temperature and pH on Degradation Potential

  • Muhammad Hanif
Keywords: Environmental stresses, Kasur, Ochrobacterium intermedium, Tanneries


During present study, three bacterial strains viz; Brevibacterium, Ochrobacterium
intermedium and Bacillus cereus were isolated from tanneries and electroplating industrial effluents from
Kasur, Pakistan and were screened and utilized for In-vitro bio-degradation of toxic chromium. Different
temperature and pH ranges were investigated for maximum chromium reduction. Ochrobacterium
intermedium was found to be more efficient in reduction of Cr (VI) to Cr (III) as compared to B. cereus and
Brevibacterium. The growth responses of bacterial strains to environmental stresses were also observed.

Author Biography

Muhammad Hanif

Department of Botany, GC University, Lahore, Pakistan.