e-investigation of Amanita flavipes: Identification and Characterization Based on rDNA-ITS Sequence, Morphology and Anatomy

  • Muhammad Hanif
  • Samar Bashir Department of Botany, GC University, Lahore
Keywords: Ellipsoidal spores, Miandam, Phylogenetic, section Validae, Amanita flavipes


Swat valley is Himalayan moist temperate forest of Pakistan. It is also called mini Switzerland of Pakistan. This area has diverse flora. A wide diversity of mushrooms is present over here but number of species explored is very small. In the present study, a species of Amanita was collected during field tour and identified on the basis of morpho-anatomical and molecular markers which confirmed its identification as Amanita flavipes. BLAST analysis of this species has been re-investigated from new locality swat and is being reported first time from this area.

Author Biography

Muhammad Hanif

Department of Botany, GC University, Lahore