Analysis, Cloning and Prediction of CIS Acting Regulatory Elements of Arabidopsis thaliana Tubulin Gene 4

  • Hira Mubeen
  • Taiba Jabbar Government College University, Faisalabad, Pakistan
  • Naureen Naeem Home Economics Department, Lahore Garrison University, Lahore, Pakistan
  • Shahid Raza Lahore Garrison University, Lahore, Pakistan
Keywords: Gene duplication, Genbank, Arabidopsis, pGR1, GUS


Tubulin is one of the most abundant member of small family of globular proteins. The most common members of the tubulin family are the proteins that make up microtubules, alpha tubulin and beta tubulin. In this study, we report the identification, analysis and characterization of tubulin geneselected from beta family of Arabidopsis thaliana. Out of various genes, the beta-tubulin gene 4 with 2936bp size was selected. The selected gene was analyzed by using various bioinformatics tools. Moreover, various light responsive cis regulatory elements were found in promoter region of this gene. Many of the genes showed its evolution through gene duplication events.Sequence determination of the Arabidopsis gene revealed a pattern of highly conserved regions. The DNA was isolated from young and fresh leaves of Arabidopsis thaliana plants. Moreover, it was searched in NCBI-Genebank repository for identification and analysis.Further, it was cloned in 5.8 kb expression vector (pGR1) for studying the expression of a reporter gene (GUS). The promoters isolated and cloned by these studies can be used for understanding transcriptional regulation and gene expression studies.

Author Biography

Hira Mubeen

National Institute for Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering, Faisalabad, Pakistan