Quality of Life in Patients of Melasma

  • Shumaila Nisa
  • Muhammad Ismail COMSATS Institute of Information and Technology, Lahore, Pakistan
  • Khalid Mahmood Dermatology Department, Mayo Hospital, Lahore, Pakistan


To determine the impact of Melasma on patient’s quality of life using life quality index “Melasma quality of life scale.” A cross sectional study was carried out at dermatology departments of Mayo, Services, and Shalimar hospitals of Lahore city. 160 patients, aged 16-55 suffering from Melasma were enrolled in the study. Using the Melasma quality of life scale questionnaire, consisting of 10 questions. Patients were asked to score on a scale from 1-7 for each of 10 items. The data were analyzed after compiling the results. The higher the Melasma quality of life scale) score, the poorer is the quality of life. Mean age of the patients was 30.5± 7.694 years. The mean Melasma quality of life scale score was 55.62 ± 12.3444. The finding indicates several areas in which Melasma had an impact on individual’s quality of life, particularly in relation to symptoms, feelings, and personal relationships. Melasma has an adverse effect on patient’s quality of life. It has observed that embarrassment and family relationship are badly affected domains of patient’s quality of life. It was concluded that Melasma has an adverse effect on patient’s quality of life. It is needed to encourage patient or enhance the educational training and suitable psychological therapies to attain a complete and effective management.

Author Biography

Shumaila Nisa

Chairperson And Assistant Professor, Statistics Department, Lahore Garrison University Lahore