Plagiarism Policy

LGUJLS observes zero tolerance for plagiarism.

  • We uphold the paramount importance of originality to maintain the integrity of research published in LGU Journal of Life Sciences (LGUJLS). All submitted articles must represent the author’s original work and should not have been previously published or concurrently submitted elsewhere for publication.

    LGU Journal of Life Sciences (LGUJLS)  strictly adhere to plagiarism guidelines provided by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan, as outlined in their policy document: Plagiarism Policy. We employ plagiarism detection tools and rigorous editorial review processes to identify and rectify issues related to originality, including plagiarism and self-plagiarism. Authors are responsible for thoroughly reviewing and revising their work to ensure its originality before submission to LGU Journal of Life Sciences (LGUJLS).

    In instances where AI-generated content is utilized, authors are required to disclose the involvement of AI tools and provide specifics about the tools employed. Transparency regarding the extent of AI participation ensures accurate representation of the contributions of human researchers. 

    Each manuscript should be accompanied by a statement that it has neither been published nor been submitted simultaneously for publication elsewhere. Authors are responsible for obtaining permission to reproduce copyrighted material from other sources. Authors are also responsible to ensure that the article contains no plagiarism that will be checked by TURNITIN.  The plagiarism of less than 19% will be acceptable.